Working with RPM packages

Setting up for Building RPM

Building from Source RPM

Building RPM from tarball

Fetching Source RPM With Yum

Performance Tuning

Profiling with OProfile

Heavyweight Profiling with KCachegrind

Generating Memory Pressure with Blimpo


Debugging with GDB

Using Valgrind

Using Heapmon

Finding Missing Shared Object Dependencies

Enabling User Coredumps on Linux

Enabling Daemon Coredumps on Linux

Extract a Backtrace from a Coredump

Extract a Backtrace from a Running Daemon

Using tcpdump and Wireshark

Using screen for debugging sessions

Strace with Stack Traces

Version Control

Using Branches with CVS

Monotone Distributed Version Control

Git Setup

Creating a git repository

Resolving Git Conflicts Remotely

Branching with Git

Security and Authentication

GNU Privacy Guard

SSH Notes

Working with Amazon's EC2 Cloud

Making an EC2 Linux AMI Snapshot

An EC2 Instance Bootstrap Script


Setting up Fedora Core 6

MySQL Admin Tasks

Configuring the NTP Daemon

Matching Fedora Core to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Backup filesystems with mkisofs

Building the Cisco VPN Client on Linux

Notes on gettimeofday performance on linux